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Thermal imaging is becoming more and more popular these days in the commercial and industrial electrical inspection process. The thermal imaging camera
is able to pick up overloading, loose connections and faulty equipment, where the eye and standard inspection and testing procedures can not.

A common problem within electrical installations is where conductors are not tightened properly when being terminated in a piece of equipment. This causes
arcing within the connection and eventually changes the conducting properties of the conductors and creates a high resistance with no Volt drop in the circuit. The eventuality is same current with high resistance which will cause over heating. Between 50-100 degrees C  of over heating is not uncommon in affected circuits. If a circuit is already drawing heavy currents due to the loads, then the connections/conductors and insulation will heat above there operating parameters.

The problem is standard circuit breakers are unable to pick up this problem. If there is combustible material near burning insulation fire will result.  
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