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Consumer Units also know as Distribution Boards or Fuse Boards should be inspected every 10 years or 5 years if it is a rented property. The current regulations state that all circuits should be protected by a 30mA RCD. RCD’s or residule current devices are devices that fit into the consumer unit and monitor the incoming  and outgoing current. If there is an 30mA difference in current caused be an earth short the device will disconnect the circuit. RCD’s protect all persons from acquiring an electrical shock. In a lot of cases the installation of a new consumer unit with RCD protection will reduce other electrical work required within a house (such as supplementary bonding in bathrooms) to bring the premises up to the current regulations simply because the consumer unit has RCD protection.

- We upgrade old single phase consumer units with new Dual RCD protection

- Installation and upgrade of 3 phase commercial and industrial Distribution Boards with RCD or RCBO protection

        Our standard installation + Material prices are as follows:

Our prices include labour, materials and VAT.

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10 Way Dual RCD Consumer Unit Inc 8 MCB’s
10 Way Dual RCD Consumer Unit Inc 10 MCB’s
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16 Way Dual RCD Consumer Unit Inc 14 MCB’s
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