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The Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997 require that appropriate testing is preformed to maintain compliance of the system. The system should include adequate facilities for testing and recording the system condition (log book).

The Emergency lighting inspection & testing requirements in the code of practice are:

Function Test
      All emergency luminaires should be tested by breaking the supply to them and checking that they operate satisfactorily. The supply must the be       restored and the charging indicators must be seen to be operating correctly. This test must be performed at least once per month and the results       logged.

Discharge Test
      The luminaires must be tested for their full rated duration period (between 1 & 3 hours) and checked for satisfactory operation. The supply must        the be restored and the charging indicators rechecked. This test must be performed at least annually and the results logged.
For emergency lighting inspection Certification must also be supplied to prove compliance.

BS 5266 outlines the positioning and luminosity of the exit signs and emergency lights and other regulations.
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